Font lists in Engrave mode

Hello Dorico team!

In Dorico 3 the list of fonts in Engrave mode appears as a multi-column panel that occupies the entire screen. This is a change from version 2 which, for those users who have many fonts loaded on their computer, prevents access to those that cannot be displayed on that panel.

In my case I want to establish that the default text in Text tool is the Tinos font. But the screen only allows me to see the names of half of the loaded fonts. And I cannot move towards a hypothetical “page 2” of the list with the cursor or the mouse.

Here I attach two screenshots.

Will it be possible to return to the drop-down list of the previous version? Or maybe some of those solutions that are surprising us (and marveling)?

My respectful regards to the whole team.


I can confirm this happens to me as well. I hadn’t really even noticed that some were inaccessible as I only have about a quarter of a column of fonts that aren’t displayed, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to scroll over and view those fonts.

For the time being, you can look at your installed fonts in another application and count the steps from the first font name that starts with the same letter. Then, in Dorico, select that first font by pressing the respective letter key and from there navigate to your desired font with the arrow keys. Cumbersome… but at least the fonts are not completely inaccessible.

I also use Florian’s method to access fonts but I type more letters to get as close as possible to the font I’m looking for. For example; if I were looking for “Times Roman”, I would type “times r” (include the space) and then use arrow keys if needed to access the font.

Note: you can’t wait between letters when typing because the filter will lose focus. This works on a Windows 10 computer not sure about MAC.

Thanks for reporting this. I believe this was an unintentional change caused by the changes to the visual appearance of Dorico 3. We’ll get this fixed up as soon as possible.

Thanks Daniel! Always attentive and ready to solve the issues that arise.

This version of Dorico is simply AWESOME. I hope that more of my colleagues in Buenos Aires will use it soon.

Similar issue. In the default text font family list in the preferences, clicking on the down arrow presents me with a screen similar to the second picture. I can only see fonts up to those starting with “No…” . (Windows 10, Dorico 4 pro trial version). I’m using the recommended 125% setting to change the size of apps and text on the screen in the OS settings.