Font management

I am adding Bhatkhande notation above a line of melody - there are lyrics in the normal place below the staff. I can insert text using ^X, but I need to scroll through all the fonts each time to pick the one I need. Is it possible to have a default font for this? If I change the default text font, everything gets changed to Bhatkhande! ALSO someone has already put the Bhatkhande in - kind of - using a normal alphabet. I now have a proper Bhatkhande font: is it possible to replace the current input with the new font? Any advice gratefully received [I did look at font threads, but was a bit unclear about what is possible].

See if this thread helps.

particularly Leo’s video near the end.

Thanks Derrek. I will have a look. But now the system fonts have somehow become corrupted, so when I click on the Playing Techniques window in Write Mode, I get gobbledegook! Any idea how I reset the defaults? It is only for this project …

Try restarting your computer to see if that solves the issue. I highly doubt all the fonts on your computer have become truly corrupted.

I don’t know what that is, but if it’s similar to a line of lyrics above the staff maybe you could utilize the lyrics tool for that. Use the lyric translation mode, move the lyric baseline above the staff and set the font in the font options.

Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like I just have to pick the font each time I use it …
I managed to get the Playing Techniques font back … phew!
Is there a list somewhere of the normal default fonts for everything?

If you want to use a consistent font styling in text objects, you can create a paragraph style with those settings so all you have to do is select that paragraph style, plus if you later want to increase the font size, say, you can do that in one place (in the Paragraph Styles dialog) and all instances are updated.

If you save the style as default, you can also create a key command that opens the text editor to add text with that paragraph style already selected.

Ah! thank you - that’s extremely useful.