Font not displaying correctly

Dorico tribe,

I’m working on my house style template and unfortunately my main font is not displaying correctly…
I’ve checked all settings, tracking, … but everything appears to be at default.

As you can see, Dorico is stretching and widening the font I’m using in the title. However, it’s a condensed font by nature and should look like in my word processor below:

Any thoughts?


What does the text toolbar look like when you double-click and select the text on the page?

Pianoleo, I’m not spotting anything unusual in the text toolbar.

It looks like this:

And nothing’s different if you select a couple of the letters that are already in place, there?

Nope. Nothing different. There’s no change in the text toolbar settings.

Does it display the way you’d expect if you use the “Regular” or “Normal” weight, rather than the “Bold” one?

Well, yes. To be more precise: I’ve bought only two different styles of this font.
The first style is “Standard condensed” which is displaying correctly. I’m using it for “music by Composer” on the right hand side.
The second one is “Standard Bold condensed” which I’m using for the Title. That’s the style which is behaving weirdly.

In that case, is there a second Swis721 font in the font list that works correctly? Dorico can embold (embolden?) or italicise a regular font automatically, but it doesn’t necessarily look pretty.

Yes, the “Standard condensed” Swiss 721 does work correctly.
And yes, it doesn’t look pretty if I hit “bold” with this style.

I found out that when I set “font stretch” in the text toolbar to 75% my title font is looking like it does in other applications.

However, I was playing around with a couple of different fonts… and there are more fonts which behave incorrectly!
Garamond is another font where Dorico widens the individual letters.

I really have no clue what’s going on…

We’ll need to see the project and the font files themselves to be able to provide any further help with this.

Happens with other fonts too, like e.g. “Impact” on Mac.

Has come up some time ago:

I’m happy to do this, Daniel, thanks.
However, I’m not feeling comfortable posting a font file in a public forum for obvious reasons…
Please let me know how I can send you the .ttf file.


Yep, looks like a similar issue…

d (dot) spreadbury (at) steinberg (dot) de

And give Daniel a link to this thread as a heads up what the issue is.

Thanks a lot, Derrek! Will do!