font options dialog keeps rendering half off-screen.

It seems this bug has gotten worse with the last update or two, but it’s always been an issue. As always, Daniel et al, thanks for all you do, and thanks to Steinberg for allowing you all to be as responsive as you have been over the years.
Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 10.43.54.png

Are you on version 3.5.10 (or 11)? Should be fixed with this version.

It was never a bug in the first place, but certainly you should find it no longer occurs in Dorico 3.5.10. If you haven’t updated yet, you can download the updater here.

I have this problem on my triple monitor system on

  • Most frequently it occurs with the with the Add Solo Player/Section Player/… buttons. The borderless instrument selection window will go all sorts of places
  • If Dorico is one window on one monitor, it doesn’t occur
  • If Dorico is multiple windows on different monitors (e.g. I like simultaneously have up Write, Engrave and Play) then it will not infrequently happen
  • If multiple projects are open (typical for me as I’m usually working on several things at once) it will frequently occur. Dorico seems to have a little trouble distinguishing that the Play window for that project is not the same for this project. And generally it gets confused on where to pop it (it just needs to pop up in the window in focus)
  • I also have (on Mac) all three windows on different spaces. So for example my web browser is on a different space in the right hand monitor. When I need to look something up I’ll swipe to get to that for a search. I also have my render engine (Cubase) on a different space.
  • So Spaces makes it much worse.
  • It can happen with other windows too, but the instrument picker is the most sensitive

The issue you’re experiencing, Dan, is not the same as the issue reported by Jeff in this thread. Jeff is experiencing a problem specific to the text editor popover, where it would always appear left-aligned with the text editor itself, so if the text item you’re editing is close to the right-hand edge of the view, the controls would end up running off the right-hand side of the view. This is something that we changed in Dorico 3.5.10.

The issue you’re talking about, concerning dialogs and similar things, is related to issues in the underlying Qt framework and not directly under our control (unless we choose to devote time to fixing the issues in Qt ourselves, which we have to do from time to time, but we prefer to rely on their dedicated development time to address fundamental issues with windowing etc.).