Font problem when printing to pdf

I’m having a weird hiccup that I’d like to see if anyone else has run into. I’m working on some study guides for my theory I class and put in some examples of figured bass. I used figurato and campania (for roman numerals). When I print to PDF, the figures are flipped, so a 6/3 becomes 3/6. I’ve included examples below. The correct one is a screenshot from Dorico, the way it should be. The second is a screen shot from the PDF. I have made sure that the fonts are indeed embedded. Has anyone seen this? If so, is it an Adobe issue, or a figurato issue? Thanks for any thougths.


Dear Tim,
Since Dorico 3, the Qt framework Dorico uses has been updated, and a bug that affected mac computers has been resolved. As a consequence, figurato mac should no longer be used, it was a stopgap that Florian produced to make his figurato font usable on mac.
Have you used figurato of figurato mac? If you chose the latter, I suggest you download the last figurato font (which works for both pc and mac) and remove figurato mac from your system.
Hope it helps!

I’m afraid the bug was not completely eliminated. The Qt printing module still doesn’t work correctly in this regard so you can’t “print” documents with Figurato. You need to create your pdfs via graphic export instead.

I switched to figurato, but it seems no matter what, this is a problem that persists. At least I know it’s not something I’ve done. I’ll export the graphics and import them into the pdf when needed. It’s not perfect, but it’ll work . Thank you both for the quick response. Maybe this will be fixed in a later update.


Tim, in case you’re not aware of this: you can create pdf files just like you would with Adobe’s pdf printer with graphic export – just select pdf as output format.

Thanks, Florian.

I figured that out from your first response. That fixed the problem. Thanks for your help.