Font problem


recently I’ve changed the Dorico’s default font to “futura”. Everytime I open a project I get a “missing fonts” popup window telling me that the “futura” font is missing everywhere. When I click the “cancel” button the project loads up and the fonts are there. It’s not a big issue but it’s quite annoying that every time I have to click the “cancel” button…

It’s not that the font itself is missing, but that ‘styles’ of the font – e.g. Bold Condensed, SemiBold Italic, are being referenced in Dorico’s Paragraph and Font Styles.
Many of Dorico’s Styles are set to use , but in a particular weight or style. If Futura doesn’t have the required range of weights, you’ll see that message.

It maybe that lots of Styles are asking for the “Regular” weight, which Futura doesn’t have - it uses “Medium” instead.

You can turn off the warning in Application Preferences, but it is useful, and can prevent font problems when exporting to PDF or Printing, if the ‘missing’ styles are used.

Thanks for reply. I think I will turn the warning off but just wanted to make sure that everything I see properly in the “print tab” will be printed exactly the way I see it?

Not necessarily, depending on which weights/styles are missing, and how Dorico’s Font Styles have been configured. The best way is to export a PDF, and check the font embedding in a PDF Reader or utility.

Got it! Thanks a lot!