font selection in Playing technique editor


Trying to build some Roman numeral PT (guitar neck position markers).
for that I need a serif Font like academico Italic.
unfortunately the drop down in the PT editor doesnt offer any Serif Fonts

is there a way ?

The Edit Playing Techniques dialog doesn’t offer fonts, but Font Styles, so that the Playing Techniques you define remain typographically consistent with the rest of the score. These are defined in the Font Styles menu in Engrave Mode. That being said, some Font Styles should use the italic of the document’s base font by default. Chorus Lyrics should be perhaps quite close to what you need.

Thank you LSalgueiro
it is getting closer
I had to edit the “chorus lyrics translation” font and toggle it to Academico because my text styles defaut to Sans Serif
I suppose There is no way yet to create custom text styles


The team is playing their cards a bit closer to their heart this time around. In Sibelius, you had everything exposed under the rubric of Paragraph Styles, pretty much. In Dorico, you have these separated into two categories, depending on the semantic meaning of the marking and its interaction with other moving parts of the software. Only the team knows whether more flexibility will be introduced in the future. For you specific case, they’ll perhaps argue that native implementations of barré markings are very much preferred to faking it with Playing Techniques.

I also agree that native implementation is always better

In the mean time…

I also had problems using PT to create custom recorder fingerings (not diagrams) because I was limited to preselected font styles in the PT editor. I would like more flexibility to define my own styles there.

You can trick Dorico into creating a new font style by defining a new playing technique in Engrave > Playing Techniques that uses a glyph from a font that is otherwise not used by any existing font style. This will create a new font style named after the name of the font family you chose your glyph from. That font style should then appear in the list of font styles you can use for playing techniques, and will also appear in Engrave > Font Styles, though you can’t edit its name.

In the fullness of time we expect to migrate more things in the music over to using paragraph and character styles rather than font styles, and sooner or later that will extend to playing techniques, which will mean you will then be able to use any paragraph style for a playing technique, and they are of course intended to be fully customisable, unlike font styles.