Font size for 'a tempo'

How can I increase the size of the ‘a tempo’ marking, indeed, how to set its font properties? I have looked and looked.

Adjust the Immediate tempo font font style in Library > Font Styles.

@dspreadbury I always forget that.

If/when these ever get ported over to Paragraph Styles, it might be nice to have them renamed as “Tempo Text: Immediate” and “Tempo Text: Gradual” so they appear next to each other in the list.


Oh yes PLEASE - I’m constantly scrolling up and down the menu when I need these things, forgetting what they’re named. It currently doesn’t make a lot of sense.
I’m not sure why it matters if they’re Paragraph Styles or not. Can’t the entries in Font Styles be changed in an update to @FredGUnn 's suggestion?
And also, Immediate and Gradual are not consistently named throughout Dorico and the manual. I’ll post the details when I come across it again.

If they are paragraph styles, they can be of different size between score and part. They can also be better customised.

“Trousers, Barrack, Green, Pair, (Soldiers, for the use of): 1.”
Indexers, Society of, The… page 12.

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I’m sure they could be changed, but I thought I remembered Daniel saying that the plan was to migrate most of the Font Styles over to Paragraph Styles. I think all the Lyric styles, Rehearsal Marks, and probably others moved over in D4. If the Tempo Text styles have to be converted to Paragraph Styles in some future version anyway, it seems like that could also be a ideal time to also rename them so they are more logical to locate.

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