Font Size on Arranger Track

Is there anyway to enlarge the font size on the Arranger track? [Why?]

While I have two VERY LARGE monitors, I record myself at home, and want to be able to see (along with hearing) where to come in on certain parts. My mics are about 6’ away from the monitors.

Is there a way to set the text size for the items or parts on the arranger track???

Side Note [Grumble Grumble} Why are there so many inconsistencies in Cubase. To rename a track you just double click the track name, but it’s different to rename a market and even different to rename a part in an arrangement track…I paid a lot of money for this software, but it’s sooOOOOOooo inconsistent which makes it sooOOOOo difficult to learn.

Churned in Charlotte


I’m afraid, you cannot this font.

The only one idea I have is to add a MIDI track, and open the Score Editor, where you can make your own Markers, and set the font manually.