font sizes problem


It seems like the staff relative size option works differently or not at all in font styles according to paragraph styles? (Or that I do something wrong.) The metronome text-size and the bar number size becomes larger than the staff labels and default text even if the are set to the exactly same variables. I attach a screenshot of the two texts with the same sizes, 10 pts staff relative. But the metronome text is bigger.
Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.54.25.png

You are correct that there is a discrepancy in size between a Shift+X text item and e.g. a tempo item that uses nominally identical font size. We’ll look into this.

Ok, many thanks for your quick response, again! I am sure that you have good reasons for having two menus for fonts at the moment (font styles, and paragraph styles) but it is a little bit confusing. Especially the page number, that exists in both. I also really miss an apply button in font styles, if I want to try different fonts and sizes to set nice typings I need to reopen the window over and over again. But of course, thats not a high priority problem. :slight_smile:

I know this is leaning more towards word processing, but it would be nice to have text boxes and things of that nature too, as part of the publishing aspect.