Font style list change in Dorico 4

Dear fellow Doricians,

I’ve noticed changes in the way some font lists behave in Dorico 4.0
I really appreciate the new Paragraph Style window, with a preview of the chosen font. The list to pick the font is the same as in Dorico 3.5: press the first letter of your favorite font and it will be near to be selected.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way anymore in the Font Style window. It’s now very cumbersome to choose a font there. But I like the fact that we can save it as default. Please make that letter trick work on that list too :pray:

I don’t find that to be the case, Marc. Provided the focus is in the list view, you can type a letter and the selection in the list will be hopped to the first font that begins with that letter in Library > Font Styles, just as it does in Paragraph Styles.

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Yes, now that I try it, I notice I can navigate through the entire dialog by keyboard! And others too, of course. This is going to be a treat. The tab order in Font Styles is odd, but at least I can get to everything. Thank you!

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I wonder what was causing this behavior, but I had to use the mouse to choose my font in the project I was working on yesterday. But I see now, on another project, that it’s behaving as expected. Strange. I will come back here if it happens again — and I will try to sort out why…