Font Styles category order suggestion

Might it be a good idea if the some of the items in the list of Font Styles were named a bit differently to help discovery e.g.

Lyrics Font
Lyrics Chorus Font
Lyrics Chorus Translation Font
Lyrics Translation Font

Tempo: Gradual Font
Tempo: Immediate Font

Currently, you might miss the Tempo styles if you didn’t know they were under G and I. Similarly, the Chorus styles are under C and not with the other Lyric styles.


I also find that list a little overwhelming.

We tend to try to stick to alphabetical ordering unless there’s a very good reason to do otherwise. I’m undecided as to whether I think this is a sufficiently good reason to do otherwise.

But it would be alphabetical! :wink: It’s just that the names would start with a more semantically useful letter!

I see, I was missing the big picture here, of course: currently it’s ‘Chorus Lyrics’ rather than ‘Lyrics Chorus’, so I was getting put off by the fact that ‘Lyrics Font’ and ‘Lyrics Chorus Font’ wouldn’t be alphabetical…

I would also advocate (from memory, without checking it out exactly) for “Tempo (gradual)” and “Tempo (immediate)” instead of the present listing. In my minimally adept mind, this makes more sense when searching for font characteristics of Tempo related texts.