Font/ text issues 8.0.5

A new issue for me in 8.0.5-
When entering track text I used to be able to double click, set the cursor then select portion to delete or backspace & then edit the exiting text text.

This would allow me to keep portions of the text. Now ALL text has to be entered over again & every time that I want to edit just a letter or word.

and Notepad still has those issues
plus I have 2 different size fonts that show up instead of one- see pic att
cubase8 fonts.jpg

The way Notepad works in CB8 is terrible.

BTW… I have not seen the font/text issues you describe. :question:

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Have the same issue, double-click work on the unnamed track but after the track is named double-clicking bugs on renaming.

What’s your system? Here no text issue and everything works properly (Win 7 64 bit).

Confirmed here. Now I can’t select portions of any text on screen anymore, what a bummer! The only workaround I’ve found, in order to avoid having to write all the text again, is using the left and right keys to position the cursor and then using delete or backspace. This can’t be true, such an standard editing function now broken :unamused: .

I noticed the same issue yesterday and came up with the same solution.

+1 confirmed

This update has settled a couple of things for me; but I do wonder why it is that perfectly good working code/functionality, can get ‘broken’ between releases…? Nature of the beast…? Pfft…!

What is anyone doing ‘fiddling’ in this area of code anyway…? Is it ‘breakage’ due to some other tweak…? Was it a conscious decision to change it…? How is it a positive improvement to workflow or UX…?


Mind, I can always continue with 7.5 for a while longer.

Maybe (i.e., hopefully) it has something to do with fixing track controls which didn’t wrap on resize properly - is the wrapping, at least, fixed?

No. It is not.

But, I would expect something like that to appear in a more major maintenance update. This 8.0.5 looks to simply be resolving (hot-fixes) some of the main ‘initial release’ grumbles. The window management of plugins and AOT has improved, for me, for instance.

I can confirm that, when double clicking on the track name, the mouse cursor does not properly change to a text cursor. As workaround it works for me to use the arrow buttons to select the actual location (press right arrow first, to avoid deleting the highlighted text completely)

Indeed a newly introduced issue in 8.0.5

Having all the same problems with text and number value changing on mixer etc… I noticed this when exporting mixes where I just wanted to change part of the name for many different versions.

I can confirm the font/text issues.

Anyone noticed some problems regarding track icons? Now, if I import a new .png image to mixconsole the transparent background is replaced by a solid black color.(this problem was already present in the 8.0 release).

It seems like they’re struggling / battling with the OS level APIs (Windows flavors and OS X).

Part of me wishes they’d do what FabFilter and Waves have done, which is to abandon the OS level graphics calls (mostly) and roll-their-own inside of a pure graphic framework (that’s cross-platform) like OpenGL.

Then, we’d get super responsive video game style performance for the Cubase UI and it would reduce the load on the main CPU, as a bonus.

They’d have to invent a lot of code, but I suspect they’d have better control over it than they appear to have now. And it seems like it would be more cross-platform port-able.

I feel like the Cubase UI shouldn’t have to slow down even when the ASIO Meter is pegged. Video cards are large enough to hold many monitors worth of “textures” which in this case would be Cubase UI elements, not underground mazes and planet scapes.

Anyway, it would probably solve all these font / text issues, too.

Text input really irritated me, yesterday, as did the Midi Editor oddities, but overall the program is still useable, especially VCA, metering, channel outputs selection…

Discovered this just this morning. Eesh. This is a huge inconvenience. Surely something to be fixed?

I have the same issue with text input. I have found another workaround: after selecting the string I hit Ctrl x and then Ctrl v. So that way I just cut and copy back the string and then I can edit it.

I’m seeing this same issue. Also using the Ctrl + A, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + V as a workaround.

Win7 64, Cubase 8.0.5

I can also confirm this.

Double-click to edit doesn’t produce an I-bar and re-clicking in the highlighted text exits the edit state.

I tried to raise this in the issues forum, but I obviously failed to meet something in the posting guidelines (maybe I sacrificed the chicken to the South East rather than the South, or something…).

Not being able to cut and paste text as before is a colossal pain. It adds unnecessary work to labeling and naming stuff

I posted in the issues form as well on this and was rejected.

my response

Sorry for the sarcasm, but not being able to simply deal with text sucks! :unamused:

this would be amazing…it feels the ui is struggeling in Cubase even with powerful machines.