FontForge file for creating new SMuFL font?

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Apologies if this has already been answered. I’m in the early stages of creating a new SMuFL compliant font and I’m wondering if there’s a FontForge .sfd file for Bravura that I can use as an easy reference (so I can simply delete and replace each symbol one-by-one). This feels like an obvious way to proceed.

If the .sfd file isn’t available, does anyone have a suggestion about an alternative way to set up?

Thanks a lot!

No (at least not public)

Load the bravura otf file in FontForge and save it as sfd :wink:

The beginning of Leland perhaps?

Leland is based more upon SCORE than Bravura, right?

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Exactly. The core set of Leland was modelled on SCORE and the rest of the set was then built out to be consistent with that core set (SCORE was missing quite a few symbols).

Since Bravura is the SMuFL reference font, I needed to study it at the time to learn how glyphs needed to be arranged in order to be compliant with the spec.

It’s all here, the specification in detail, is it not?

Good idea to start with Bravura. I assume this a new font for MuseScore?

This is a 2.5yo thread. Leland (the new font) was released quite some time ago, and Martin made a video all about it at the time.

@Romanos didn’t notice! There were posts from just a few hours ago. Fooled me.

This is one of those



Yes that’s what I thought :slight_smile: sorry Martin - now that your super identity’s been revealed I was just curious to know whether you’d been active elsewhere on the forum. Good work on Musescore 4 :slight_smile: