Fonts again?

I was really hoping after all of the discussion (and +12000 views on the old forum) that Steinberg would come up with a way to let users define what font they wish to use. I find the new font in 6 very difficult to read on some stuff. Like the word “MIDI” in all caps is nearly unreadable.

Just use “clear type”. Fonts in C6 are very good. IMHO.

Nowt wrong with the fonts, get some specs.

Forgive my ignorance but how do I do that?

What OS do you use?

Is this what yours looks like?
Cubase Pic.png


The fonts are stellar now! Big improvement!

Windows 7


Turned on clear type. Worked great!

Cubase Pic 2.png

Ok. Right click on the desktop -> Personalize -> Display -> Adjust Clear Type text. Adjust and enjoy.