Fonts copyright of Dorico

Hello very one,

I am a composer of contemporary music, I was trying to use the new Dorico 3,5 to make my new score. unfortunately it does not work like what I want it to be. So I have to export all of the tone systems (I work on 8th tone system) to Adobe Illustrator, and finish my score there. The Question is about, how about the license of Dorico music note fonts. Can we use it also for free in this situation and could we use this combination score (part from Dorico and Part from Adobe) also for the publication?

Thank you very much for your help!!!

best wishes from Germany


Dorico’s built-in Bravura font utilizes this copyright license:

Bravura and Academico are entirely free to use in any document for any purpose.

Even if you were using Adobe/Monotype Pro fonts, there’s nothing to stop you editing a PDF in Illustrator, and selling the final page as a print or PDF.
The only restrictions on commercial font licenses are to stop you copying the font itself, not a page with its characters on.