Fonts do not load in Dorico 4 SE, horizontal bars instead of notes on Mac Mojave


I have a fresh instal of Dorico 4 SE on Mac (Mojave). The problem is that the fonts seem to not load/not work at all. Instead of notes i see a grid of horizontal bars, so the software is completely unusable.

I have checked in FontExplorerX that 3 Petaluma fonts (Petaluma, Petaluma Script, Petaluma Text) are installed and activated, the font files are in the main Libraries/Fonts folder and I cannot find what could go wrong here. The computer was restarted after the installation.

Here is the screenshot:

Thanks in advance for helping me with this issue!

Have you tried “Reapplying” the font? E.g. Selecting Petaluma as the Music Font again?
Do the fonts show up in other apps?

Does the problem affect new documents, or existing ones?

I was trying to find where can I choose the music font, but I cannot find it. Maybe because its Dorico 4 SE - is there any place where I could reapply the music font?

The problem exists in all documents - old and new.

And have you checked that the fonts are available in font menus in other applications (as well as Dorico’s own)?

And also check in FontExplorerX that you have no duplicates active.

Ok I found music fonts menu under Library - it seems I do not have Bravura installed somehow. When I switch to Petaluma it works (I thought this version has only Petaluma), I’ll have to install Bravura, it seems.

Also have a problem with changing the title font - when changing the default text font in the settings, nothing happens, is there any different place to change it?

Bravura should be installed in your /Library/Fonts folder, as part of Dorico’s installation. Even for SE.

Have you answered my other questions, such as whether you’ve checked for duplicates, and whether you can see the fonts in other applications?

As for the default text: Please describe exactly what you do, what happens and what doesn’t happen.

Ok, I managed to get it to work. Somehow the Bravura fonts have not been installed with the main installation of SE, Petaluma worked. I have just downloaded and installed Bravura, after installing it also choosing another text font started to work and I can change the title font without problem now.

Thank you for your assistance and have a good day!

Changing the default font in Preferences changes what’s used by default in future projects, it doesn’t change what’s used in the current project.

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Great to know, thank you for this info. :blush: