Fonts don't load in Dorico 3.5


for some reason if I change font styles nothing happens.
I just click OK and the font in the score stays Academico, allthough a different font is selected in the Font Styles dialog.

Also in the Edit Font Styles dialog, the checkboxes don’t activate when I make a change.
Here I just changed the font from Academico to Arial. (see image)
It feels like Dorico can’t find my installed fonts.

Does anybody now a trick for this, or should I completely reinstall Dorico?


Reinstalling Dorico is only a fix if it’s not launching, or parts seem to be missing. It doesn’t fix problems in a ‘generally working’ app.

Firstly, Application Preferences has a setting for “Default Text Family”.
Secondly, Text Items use Paragraph Styles, which are different from Font Styles.

Are the fonts you want listed in the drop-down list of fonts?

Ah I missed that!
That made a difference. There when I set it to for example ‘Arial’ it works :sunglasses:

Ok, I thought I understood all of that, but will dive in some more.’
(All the fonts are listed, yes.)