Fonts from Elbsound studio

Good evening,
Have you already use the fonts from Elbsound?
I’ve contacted them and they told me that I should create my own “special metric”.
I have absolutely no clues what does that mean.
I’ve found the link on Dorico’s website so I would assume that their fonts are compatible.
Thank you and have a good weekend.

A cursory glance on their website didn’t give me the impression that their fonts are SMuFL-compatible, so I think they wouldn’t work in Dorico. Maybe ‘making your own metric’ means ‘make SMuFL-compatible’, but I doubt the Elbsound fonts are open source or public domain, so it’s probably not even permitted.

ElbSound have a few fonts that are SMuFL compatible. See 1000 Music Fonts

Thanks Leo, I missed that section.
BTW, @NorFonts: your Tutti and Solo are still missing there :wink:

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He seems to be selling a font bundle that includes: Bravura, Petaluma, Gootville, MScore, Sebastian, AloisenU and others – which are ALL FREE fonts.

He may have modified them to work in Finale, but I still think that’s a contravention of the licence.

If you’re looking for alternative SMuFL fonts, then I would either buy from Music Type Foundry, or November2 from Klemm. I have just finished the Sebastian SMuFL font. Releases · fkretlow/sebastian · GitHub

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Thank you for your replies.

You could also try Leland, which comes bundled with the latest version of MuseScore but is otherwise just a SMuFL-compliant free font.

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Thanks Peter! You mean Tutti & Soli, maybe all of my NorFonts are missing there, not a problem! :wink: but anybody can google them anyway.

It looks as if some other bits and bobs are included in that package, such as Finale font annotation files or document libraries, in which case that just about satisfies the conditions of the OFL.

I would wait on Leland, if you want to save the headache of replacing basic glyph sets in Dorico.