Fonts messed up after 1.1 update


Something went wrong after the 1.1 update.
See the attachment.
dorico 1.1.PNG

Try restarting your computer to see if that puts things right.


Some text objects are messed up.

E.g.: the symbol ‘Turn, natural below’ ( has been substituted from another one :frowning:

Just cleared the font cache and restarted the computer.

Same error simply copying the symbol into a text editor.

osx 10.12.5 Dorico 1.1

In Font Book, check the installed versions of Bravura and Bravura Text: both should be version 1.216.

Yes, they are 1.216

And the symbols look wrong in the user interface, or in the score itself, or both? Does the problem affect new projects as well as existing ones?

Hi Daniel,

The symbols look wrong in the user interface and in the score itself, for old and new projects.

Here attached the symbol selected and the result in Dorico
Schermata 2017-06-28 alle 15.48.09.png

New Prince from the Grave font !

Same issue here on Windows 10.

Same issue as OP. Windows 10. Restart resolved the issue.

Just a quick update without opening Dorico.

Selecting the symbol ‘Turn, natural below’ ( and copying it in PoPChar, it returns the value as ligature (58727; E567; ) (57953; E261; ).
‘ornamentTurn’ (not ligature) is correctly copied.

Copying the symbol ‘Turn, natural below’ ( from the smufl page into ‘find’ of PopChar, it returns (62804; F554; ) ‘Minima void, stem down with extended flag’ (

Yes, that did the trick for me.
Thanks Daniel and Traubitz.

Ah, mati, some of the ligatures have moved location in Bravura. Characters in the range U+F400 are not guaranteed to remain in the same locations in the font when it is updated, though normally they are stable. Unfortunately I found a misnumbering in the optional glyphs in that range during the work on Bravura for Dorico 1.1, which means that some of the glyphs in that range – which include the ligatures for ornaments – have moved codepoint.

All of the main glyphs used by Dorico itself are guaranteed to be in the same positions, or if we end up moving them, we’ll take reasonable steps to try to ensure they look right after an update (we have had to do this with a few of the glyphs in the ornaments range, for example), but if you’re using glyphs from the optional range in Shift+X text objects, unfortunately there’s nothing much we can do to sort that out automatically.

Now that I have fixed the problem with glyph numbering in that range in the font, it’s reasonable to expect them to be stable for the foreseeable future, but unfortunately I cannot guarantee it.