Fonts selection behaviour: suggestion

It has been discussed before but I can’t find a place that summerize my take on it:

1- Would be nice to have an “apply” button to avoid going back and forth when testing.

2- A scroll bar: with hundreds of fonts it takes ages to go to bottom.

3- A preview in the name of the font, like we see in many text editors. With the option to turn it off in prefs because it can be tedious with music fonts…

To navigate the font list more quickly, try typing the first few letters of the name of the font you want to use, which will scroll right to it.

Oh, why did’nt I see your answer earlier!
It would have helped me a lot these last days as I had to test a lot of fonts.
I have a really super fast scroll wheel but it takes 10 s to scroll to the last font!
This tip is great indeed :slight_smile:
Nevertherless sometimes a scroll bar would be usefull when you do not know or only aproximately know what you are searching for.
A preview would be nice too!

It’s a bug that the scroll speed in the font menu is so slow: the problem is in the underlying Qt framework and we have asked them to fix it, but so far no luck. We can of course fix it ourselves but wherever possible we try to focus our time and attention on more direct improvements to Dorico itself.