Fonts that complement Iris

I just installed Iris. I like the font a lot, especially with a tweak here and there to rescale a few glyphs. I’m wondering if any Iris users have advice for text fonts that work well next to Iris. Thanks.

Iris is a handwritten music font. So do you want a handwriting font for text, or something else? I think only you can say what you want. There’s no standard publishing combo for this music font. It’s very much a matter of personal musical taste. I would not know where to begin to recommend a pairing.

You could have a look at Finale Jazz font which has text. All the Finale fonts are freely downloadable. Do a search on this forum to find out more.

I know you already have paid for Iris, but Norfonts has a few handwritten fonts that include text glyphs in matching style.

The maker of Norfonts is on this forum.


Hi Andro,

Thanks very much for the suggestions. I do know the Norfonts handwritten fonts, and as beautiful as they are, they’re not quite what I’m looking for. I also realize that ultimately these things are about taste, but I know that some folks on this forum have a good eye for these kinds of things. I was just hoping that someone with font expertise might have ideas about what they prefer.


Take a screenshot of a typical music page and attach that here. I think the genre matters (jazz, pop, serious) as well as the relative density of the notation.

Here are a couple of examples. I’m using Golden Age for the dynamics here as an experiment because the “f” in Iris font is a little long and makes the spacing a bit tight. Thanks for checking it out.

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You do occasionally see material produced in the 1960s, where handwritten music are mixed with a typewriter’s text. So having ‘handwriting’ mixed with ‘type’ can be done with care.

Otherwise, you will need to use some kind of handwriting, or script typeface. There are a myriad of such fonts these day. I’d certainly aim for one that has Oblique, Bold and Bold Oblique styles. Tekton? San Vito?

Also, you need to increase the height of your bar numbers, to avoid collision with the clef.

Thanks, I’ll check these out.

OT: are you aware that you have superfluous metre signatures at bars 77 and 78?

Thanks! I have not yet proof-read any of this stuff yet. I just grabbed some music in progress to show an example of the style. But I do find it can be hard to keep track of duplicate meter signatures in Dorico.

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