Foodstock 2015 - Gentlemen, Start Yer Engines!

I haven’t yet had my first planning meeting with Roxbury Township - that will be next month - but I did want to mention it here. I would like to rotate out some music from the “in between” playlist that we used while setting up for the next act in order to keep the music fresh. Obviously, I’ll keep some of the stuff so that it becomes more of a bridge, but now is the time for you all to start thinking about 1 or 2 songs you’d like to submit for consideration.

Remember: this may be taking place in a local town of NJ but this is absolutely a Sound of Humanity production even though (<3 them lots) Roxbury would like to make it all about them.

Plus, given the coverage we got in the media last year (read: press kit for this year) I am fully expecting to get even more media coverage and some better acts this year. :smiley: (Last year’s lineup was rather awesome, however. I just want to continue to elevate it until the big media companies, e.g. ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, are forced to take notice.)

Tom: you’ll be happy to know I’m aiming to rent a PA, snake, and board along with a sound crew to do setup and tear down this year. Last year was brutal. :laughing:

Maybe Brian Williams could be there to provide nation wide news coverage, to redeem himself :mrgreen:

Or, just send his daughter in tights :sunglasses:


Cant imagine why… :laughing:

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

That would be so sweet. Is Larry going to do sound again?

I’m going to strong arm him. His day job is a realtor and I told him that he would be the selling agent on this house and the buying agent when I get my own place. That’s my leverage. Hahahaha

But the real reason why I want to at least price this out is to see if we can expand this to two days. :mrgreen:

It is with great regret that, after discussing with the team from last year, we are not having Foodstock this year. Personally, I have far too much going on (not that last year was any easier with my father passing away) that will require a lot of time to complete and so I won’t be able to do this.

The folks from the Roxbury municipality and the Roxbury Arts Alliance have quite a lot on their plate this year too.

If I hadn’t had the stuff going on that I do, I could pick up the slack. So next year should be different. But I wanted to let everyone here know, especially those of you who participated last year whether by providing music that was played in between sets or actually performed on stage.

Thanks in advance for your continued support!

Hi Larry

I share your regret but appreciate you hgave had much to deal with. My sympathies are with you re your father and my best wishes re everything else that is on your plate.

Working with you always has been and is an honour and a pleasure because your energy is good and your heart is pure.

I am sure we will all be on stage together at some time, and in any event, it’s very likely we’ll be meeting up some time August or September.

Take care

Larry your tireless work on this kind of activity is commendable but sometimes you just have to step back and look after your own situation first. nobody could fault you for that, take care. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the support, but this wasn’t meant to be about me. I just wanted to let everyone know the current status in case you started to wonder wtf is happening regarding the event this year.