Fool proof way to roll back after failed C12 upgrade?


Eventually I’ll have to decide whether it’s “safe” enough to try to get my grace period C12 Pro upgrade.

If i do happen to run into problems even then, and find I’ve lost the ability to use C11 Pro in a normal fashion like some posters have …

Are there any official steps Steinberg recommends to make the computer go back to before all that, so i can keep using Cubase 11 Pro?

I assume it’s more than simply setting a restore point first, or ending would be doing that!

Thank you in advance for any help!

Cubase 11 Pro, W10 on Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Intel(R) Core™ i7-8650U CPU @ 1.90GHz 2.11 GHz; 16.0 GB, 64-bit) , with two bus-powered USB hubs, UR28M

Cubase doesn’t need to be rolled back, the C11 install is untouched.

Hi @steve , thanks for that reply!

I’m confused though … I’m reading multiple posts that say things like, “and after trying to get C12 i can’t use C11 now like i used to!”.

Whether C11 is untouched or not, it’s that scenario I’m trying to avoid.

Why do you believe those posters are having those problems if C11 is untouched?

Thank you!

I do not know what problem they are having. My advice would be to wait a bit for the leaves to settle before making amove.

Thanks, @steve , as much as i want to jump in, i think I’ll wait a bit as you suggest.

Hi @steve - I was going to make another post to see if the upgrade problems had been ironed out (Cubase 11 Pro here, bought in Dec, 2021). I’ve held off on going to C12, based on my reading of the forums and your kind advice a week or so ago to do so …

Based on what you said in your quote in this post (03/14/2022, Cubase 12 update shameless practise - Cubase - Steinberg Forums, I’ll plan on holding off for some time longer.

Please correct me if I’m interpreting this incorrectly, and thank you for your help on the forums!

You understand perfectly. Wait. Especially since going from 11 to 12 has all the usual learning curves to climb, it’s also part of the biggest move SB has made since Cubase SX 1.

Those who can tolerate the slings and arrows of early adoption are perhaps a special breed-- the fun is in the exploration, and breaking things is part of the trip. So if that’s not your thing, waiting is good. Certainly the first update will come soon, so if you can wait for that, do.

Yup. I’m a computer Jedi Master compared to most folks I know, and an absolute grasshopper compared to folks here.

Will hold off. Thanks!

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