fool question (maybe) selling Cubase 8 and keep 10?

fool question (maybe) selling Cubase 8 and keep 10?

Is this possible by getting a new dongle?

I have originally Cubase 8, but I have already a license for Cubase 10, do Im able to sell my older version? :open_mouth:

If you have two separate licenses for Cubase 8 and 10 (see your eLCC), yes.
If it was an update from 8 to 10, it’s just one license and cannot be sold separately.

Thank you Fabio, I have another question; ¿how can I make a backup of my dongle in case it’s been damaged?

There is no backup possible - the license is one and physically on the dongle.
In case of damage, there is SZDT:

You might have read on the Forum that we’re working on an alternative licensing solution (I have no ETA, sorry).

Thank you for the infos Fabio :slight_smile: