Hup Nederland!

i hope Rooney is gonna head the ball properly in this competition unlike the last euros and stop worrying about his hair transplant .all the money hes got he could have one great wig ,ows about one big Afro ,to fit the flavour of the location.

This :smiley:

Wow Holland looking good

Haha yeah I didn’t see that coming!
This’ll be good :slight_smile:

hey up ,it`s the Germans ,come on Portugal. lol

How did this get turned into a thread about football??? :neutral_face:


Oh well!. was bound to happen

Slightly disappointing match, was hoping for a bit closer result but I did expect Germany to take this one.

after the guy got sent off i went out ,from then on it was inevitable what would happen ,although Muller play acted a bit to make sure the portuguese player was sent off .fair do`s to Germany they would have beat Portugal with a full team anyway.

lets see how these do tonight

Sure, Muller took full advantage, can’t blame him :wink:.

Lucky :wink:

todays weather forecast ,there will be a shower heading towards the UK from across the atlantic ocean ,woops sorry that`ll be the england football squad.

exactly enough to give anybody tooth ache .

Will Ferrell threatens to Bite the Germans, lol.