Foot controller for cubase

What is a good $100-125 foot controller for the UR22mkll yamaha interface. I have windows10 and cubase elements 10. Preferably available at Amazon.

It depends on what you want to control? There’s momentary switches (cheap) and there’s continuous controllers (more expensive)?
It might be helpful to share whit us what it is you want to control?

FCB1010 is working very well.

To keep from having to lean over with a guitar starting and stopping playback. To record. To loop. Volume.
I haven’t too much experience in it. Never had one just a midi controller keyboard.

Something comparable to nektar pacer. But trimmed down to just exclusively for daw.

Save yourself some £££ by searching ebay for ‘USB footswitch keyboard’ and find something like this:

Typically under $20 for 3-button foot-switch that will allow you to configure to send any keystroke you want from each pedal.

I think it’s record-play-loop-stop
maybe volume and scroll ahead and back.
Can that pedal do that?

If you come up a bit to around $100 we’d be talking. I have a budget in mind and if i have to this
time , i don’t want to go too cheap

Instead of a foot-switch, I use a Frontierdesign Tranzport as a wireless remote controller mounted on a mic stand. I can set it right next to me while recording and it gives you a lot of control over your DAW. Frontierdesign is still around but no longer makes the Tranzport (docs and drivers still available on website), so you’d have to hit Reverb, eBay or Craigslist to get a used one. I’ve had mine ten years and no problems with Cakewalk Sonar or Cubase.

It one off my favorite products, but it as been EOL for many many years and no longer work with OSX.

I love mine, too. Just have to remember to copy the driver into the correct folder with every new Cubase update.

Yeah, bit of a pain, but not a big deal.

Or just use Steinbergs IC PRO on your i-phone/pad?