Foot controller for triggering hotkeys?

Hi folks,

When i’m recording, it would be great to be able to control the transport via foot pedals.

Actually, to be specific, i need to trigger 3 macros that i’ve created for a better punch-in workflow than is possible with the standard Cubase set-up.

Anyway, i need to trigger 3 hotkeys via a foot controller, does anyone have any suggestions for me for hardware to use for this?

I’ve seen a few MIDI foot controllers, but can you even trigger hotkeys via MIDI? I thought it was just QWERTY.

Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated!

Using MIDI Remote in Cubase you can trigger any functions via MIDI, including Macros.

You should be able to use foot controllers that emulate keyboard key presses as well. I would look for one that can be configured to send custom key presses so that it does not conflict with other functions.

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