For 2 Years Cubase HELP is Not Working on Windows

For 2 Years Cubase HELP is Not Working on Windows

Pressing F1 brings up textpad

FL Studio, Bitwig, Logic Pro, ProTools and you know DAW s that have features that are tested by real people
All have a working Help File

  1. F1 does not work anymore ( only in Cubase on all installations of Windows )
  2. Pressing help brings up Error MSG
  3. This forum is from the year 2000 with such old code people can t post pictures

bye bye

( not asking for help, this is only for the Dev s and you know Steinberg Execs who never thought it s great to have a help file on software that has more bugs and less features than all other daws )

Just so someone considering buying the software may see this topic

You know what this signals of in terms of useability for software

Unless you are working on tons of Score material started on Cubase for Films like i am

Re Consider your approach

It works for me so it must be that your Function Key has been reassigned.

F1 opens my web browser on the

Or you need to check why your system is configured to open “textpad” with f1 keystroke.

Oh! Hello again! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. F1 does open Steinberg help in my browser, might it have something to do with your browser preference settings?
  2. I don’t know how old this forum is, but in my browser posting pictures is just drag/drop (see my bass amp below:))

You seem to be upset, and you don’t want help, but if I may i would still suggest downloading the manual as pdf. This is what i do, sa I do not have an internet connection in my studio.