For a new customer ,Versions before C12 , no dongle no old versions

As the licensing stands ,if you update from a previous version to the latest you are backward compatible allowing you to use c11 and backward BUT with your new intended licensing system and being a new customer joining you on C12 this will not be possible ,you can only use C12 because all other versions will be on a dongle so if you want to use previous versions like SX you will not be able to download SX and use it like you can now , you have to buy a second hand dongle licence is this correct ?

I think you’re correct on this point. This is especially important if old Cubase project files need to be converted in order to be compatible with newer Cubase versions, for example in the case of restoration projects. There is no proper conversion utility, rather you are expected to be able to run an SX-era version to load and re-save in the newer file format.

It’s time Steinberg made the .cpr file format open source, at least the earlier versions, so that converters could be developed by the community. If that’s not possible, then Steinberg should at least provide some means of conversion; perhaps just remove the dongle code from SX3 and make it freeware? It’s already difficult enough to find a way to run it!

Hi Mr Soundman
Exactly that , conversion , so if your new to the game and recently bought C12 and a customer has some old Atari projects , you (even thou your a Cubase user) have ot send him elsewhere to get the files converted .
Lots of things need hard consideration here , for the first time in 22 years our software is being made redundant and new Customers can not access the conversion software which is great for us ( loads on money ) but for a Steinberg user not to be able to do such simple tasks is a bit silly .
Im with you 100% it would have to be patched with no licencing software as the elicencer is now redundant

I suspect it’s a very small market :slight_smile:

It is ,but there’s still pockets of people with stored Atari’s around and have you seen the price of Atari’s lately , i think i might regress back to one lol

IPS :sunglasses:

Surely you will still have your dongle and quite a few years yet before it stops working so you can go through old Atari projects and convert them. I did this years ago. If you are a new customer then expecting to load a project someone else created 20 years ago is asking a bit much.

Another person that doesn’t get it .

Ohhhh yes yes yes yes

I guess those of us with the dongle just simply get to be the special ones, the Yodas of Cubendo.

May the dongle, be with you.