For all those having BSOD please read

Right for the last few weeks been trying to get to the bottom of the strange freezes and BSODs I looked at everything. Tonight I had another go I found a free program for checking the mini dump files one file kept coming up all the time on digging further this files is part of Demon Tools Lite I used demon tools for opening a few iso files and then just left it sat there on my system without thinking anything more of it. This looks very like the cause of my BSOD I was looking for a common dominator well I think I may have found mine as I also have Demon Tools lite on my laptop. I will now hold my breath and see over the next few days if I now have a solid system. I will of course let SB know of my findings. Right on to making music

Blue screens are usually produced by bugs in low level drivers, not in programs. Keep that in mind the next time you see one. Search for the problem in the drivers!

Daemon tools uses a low level driver to simulate a hardware device.

Along with low level drivers blue screens are also caused by hardware problems, such as bad RAM.

Hopefully you found what was causing your problem.

well so far so good I think the low level drivers were defo causing the problem there has been no crashes so far. All my system has been fully tested and there is no hardware problems in mem drives audio etc. SB have also just informed me that Advanced system care is an issue I run this program too. If I do get anymore BSOD I will take it off the system and go from there. But for now am a happy chap

Just to make things straight: I didn’t say SystemCare IS an issue :wink: But sometimes applications that dig deep into the OS and registry might create problems, especially when combined with other tools - combinations which are quite unpredictable and tricky to sort out. For example, I’ve found that on a couple systems the presence of two AV programs could cause issues and lead to a DIVIDE_BY_ZERO stop error → BSOD. As of now, the main reasons for BSOD or serious errors have been video capture software, a couple flight simulators I cannot remember the name of, video cards drivers, bad RAM sectors and HD drive errors (the latter two being quite obvious). There are also some more esoteric and pretty interesting ones I would need to check in my backlogs.

[EDIT: While I’m at it, thank you for your collaboration, promotouk - much appreciated]


Cheers Fabio
It should have said may cause an issue not it is the issue. Any time I can help I will. I been doing music and working with PCs for many years. I use to have my own business building high end systems for Studios. I was involved a lot with Arbiter when they distributed Steinberg products I was involved in a few Earls Court shows in London.