For Atmos mixers: finding an affordable Atmos receiver

I was looking to integrate an Atmos receiver into my Nuendo setup so that I could switch between my own mixes and streaming mixes. I made a video on what I found. I hope this helps someone. Affordable Atmos Receiver for music mixing room/studio - YouTube


Thanks for this. Personally, I am budgeting a full set of JBL LSR 305 speakers with their LSR subwoofer for a 7.1.4 setup in my mixing studio.
To control the volume, I am buying a Focusrite R1 remote controller for my Rednet2 interface, which already has 16 IO, so has more than enough outputs for Atmos (12 speakers). My only issue will be how to suspend the ceiling speakers. Since we are moving within a year, cutting out the ceiling drywall is not an option. Switching monitoring will be as simple as muting two sets of 7.1.4 mixes on my analog console, using all 10 sends and two mono group sends to send to the monitors. All properly calibrated, of course.

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Thanks for posting! That sounds great. Please let me know how it goes. Dante would be a great way to go, but for me it’s too great a budget leap at the moment. For suspending the overheads, I’m thinking of trying two sets of these truss stands.

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I posted a follow-up video addressing the confusing relationship between surround channel names in Nuendo vs. AVRs.

Enjoy !


I’ve been bringing this “incorrect surround bus label” issue up for a while now. Probably not a big deal for post guys who simply import mastered wave files into an Atmos template. But for composing for surround with Nuendo it’s a real mess and a major impediment to a reliable work flow.

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hahaha i am so entertained and educated at the same time after watching your video, indeed the naming is confusing :frowning: i am really new to the atmos though, i have six speakers but none of them are the Sub. Also looking an affordable atmos receiver here

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Thanks for sharing. I was actually looking for something very similar recently :slight_smile:


found recently Tonewinner AT-300. Is a Dolby Atmos Decoder (HDMI to 16x XLR). Looks interesting.

LGm, Juergi

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