For audio format converter from 48-32 bit (float) projects, is Cubase good enough?

Hello, for mixing and mastering engineers who use Cubase Pro 12 on mac,
I have a question for you all :slight_smile:

I’ve been using default Cubase’s functions to export various formats throughout (for streaming purpose),
but if I want to test myself and look for more accurate/better sonic quality preserved (?) (of course subjective it is)

Would you recommend trying something else, with 48-32bit (float) WAV master…?

I also have Izotope RX 10.

Do you usually use in-house Cubase functions or do you convert with other programs for this matter…?

Thank you so much!

EDIT: I had one additional question forgot to ask,

  1. how do you all export 320k MP3 file for your clients?

I convert all my clients 44.1 KHz to 48 KHz using the built in Cubase. All good till today.
When i need to convert a lot of files at once i use either Reaper batch function or Wavelab Batch.
From Higher sample rates to lower like 96 to 48 i like the RX, sounds very clean. Cubase is very nice for me ears too.

All the best.

PS: check this page:

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Nothing wrong with Steinberg one .
I have a licence for Voxengo R8brain pro , the best on the market for conversion but rarely use it
Sample Rate Converter, Professional - r8brain PRO - Voxengo

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Thank you very much, how do you convert/export MP3 320k for your clients…?
Do you also use default Cubase option?

Ok ok, I went through some research on net and after about Cubase 10, conversion became extremely good :slight_smile: I compared last night both Cubase and RX and found both more than enough :slight_smile:

I forgot to ask, but how do you export/convert to MP3 (320k) for your clients…?
Is cubase option in 2023 also very good enough…? I seen older threads saying use LAME or some other than Cubase one.

I usually don’t deliver MP3 format to clients , but if they ask, i do all in one pass using the Wavelab batch. You should be fine with Cubase one too.

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All right! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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