for C6 owners: how many dvd's and what's the content?

Since we are still somewhere in the middle of the 1990’s, i’d like to know how many of dvd’s , what content they have and what contains the traditional box version of Cubase 6 that the SB company is making us to swallow-have at all costs from those that already have it?


From another topic on this forum:

Looks Familiar to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine were all in Paper Sleeves
So I advice to get one of those CD maps to put them in
(I was already doing this with my CD’s From Other Products)

What’s wrong with paper sleeves? You’re only going to run each disk once, then put them all back in the box for storage. Wht get complicated?

Curious about disc 4, the Grand SE, is that another try before you buy with a special price deal (like the HSO in C5?)


Anyone can clarify this for me?

The Grand 3 SE …
it’s a very small version of The Grand 3
From What I understand this contains The ECO versions of the Grand 3 Piano’s
I did not install this since I already own the full version witch btw is 4 DVD’s
All the demo offers have a 60 day Demo period License
You can get the full license from the steinberg shop at any time you would like to
so Even when the 60 day Demo Period license Has Expired
As Long as they are Available in the steinberg shop
These offers are actually not that bad … Especially The Full version of HALion Sonic is Really nice
And not to forget the VST SIS HSO (Compared with the 24bit Full version of HSO It Sounds The same)
For people who do not have any of this stuff … give it a try
There is actually A Lot of good stuff in there and Quite a bit cheaper than full versions
(Well Except for WaveLab witch it the same Price … And I still haven’t got a clue why steinberg did this)

Regarding the VST SIS HSO, how similar is the content to the old HSO? If you’ve bought the license to the 16 bit version, I understand the new one runs automatically. Does this mean the new one supercedes the old one, or can you run both? I wouldn’t want to lose any sounds.

You can Run Both if you like
the VST SIS HSO is actually the same content however this is placed within the HALion Sonic Content Dir
And I believe it Sounds Better than from the 16 bit version that was included with Cubase
The Classic HSO Runs On A Special OEM version Of The HALion Player (Witch is installed when Installing The Classic HSO)
As long as you install this The Classic version Will work

thanks for the info!

as we are somewhere in the 1990’s; i can clearly state that I DO NOT NEED AND WILL NEVER USE (so would NEVER download):

Disk 2: Video Tutorials i’m a cubase user since v4 (2006) … no, thanks!
Disk 3: HALion ‘Sonic’ Orchestra VST Sound Instrument set i’m a licensed user of EWQL Orchestra libs and many other ones, i really don’t need any of these, thanks!
Disk 4: The Grand 3 SE one of the best sounding straight out of the box acoustic piano out there is probably the Alicia’s Keys for Kontakt, why should i bother to install this one ???!
Disk 5+6: HALion Sonic v1.5 what is this ??? i’m skilled enough to play my own keyboard and bass parts and record my own guitar etc… why should i install (swallow) this?

if SB was smart enough, they could have increased the sales, by splitting up that USELESS CONTENT in several download parts, instead of hijacking us , making us wait to appear the hard copies in local stores and finally making us swallow to have that useless content that most of us will never install and use!! :smiling_imp:

and if ONLY the "DISK 1: Cubase 6 installation " was available as downloadable purchase/upgrade, i could BUY IT TODAY, and of course not only I, but probably HUNDREDS of other users out there…

and yes, all what that poor Chris can say to us here (that is understandable, because he is just a forum moderator and far not senior / marketing manager from SB) is:

“Other companies do provide downloadable versions of their softwhare, but SB does not” and then just cowardly close the forum topic … so , we, existing customers, willing to pay customers have our mouths shut and force to agree to SB’s marketing policy of the 1990’s mentality.

there should be a customers mass scale UPRISE against all this!!! :imp: :smiling_imp:

I consider it kind of ignorant (no offense) to go bashing all the additional content. Can you imagine, that there are people out there, without all the instrument and libraries you have? And who gives you 2 months to trial, before you buy? As I said before, no offense.
By the way…IK Multimedia lets you download their libraries for 30 days, and makes you pay, if the date passed or you simply lost your downloads…25 EUR for every download. Do you prefer this?



I don’t think he’s bashing the content, but rather the way that Steinberg don’t give us the choice of not having it (i.e. provide a download of just the C6 install).

Especially for upgraders, who are more likely to have some (or all) of the library stuff already - and also have a dongle, so really shouldn’t have to wait for a box to ship, that’s 95% waste material.

So what About the Tutorials on the stuff that’s new to Cubase 6
It Might be usefully to look in to them since there currently are no other Cubase 6 Tutorials Available
(Or at least not much)

So … your are Saying You have To Much Money ???
Not all of us have the money to buy those Overpriced EWQL Packs
Hell they don’t even have A pack that has a similar price than this Steinberg offer is

Look … Steinberg isn’t the only one doing this …
EWQL Does This as well … They give you A Harddisk Full of there content and A Limited Time Demo For Most of the Content Witch btw goes on an Ilok … witch takes up Space to store Licenses and Can NOT Be Removed From your Ilok Unless you pay for A Full License
And also NI does this kind of stuff
If you actually want to have Kontakt and another Plugin Like Massive or Battery For Example
You can buy them separately but its cheaper to buy the Komplete Bundle …
Witch Also Includes stuff you Might not need …
And the biggest PITA About it … You are Not able to sell the stuff you don’ t need

The way steinberg works you can just Give away the Trail Content to somebody who might Like it
And if they tried it and did not like it they are able to remove The Trail License For there Elicenser

Also note that you will not be happy if you have to download these Massive Amounts Of Content