Hello, I have been using steinberg for a longer period of time even from the version vst 5 32 and even today as it goes when it is under the most popular company Yamaha it is getting better and better, I am not using the program cubase wavelab nuendo because it is more for video but i know that even that is great. I wanted to give you suggestion that i think most of your clients will like. That suggestion is for the cubase and wavelab to not be trial version for 250 hours just like nuendo and I am saying this without purpose because today there are many producers and they have a lot of work to do and you need to test everything during the trial version and you cannot plan anything that way. This month I will use cubase trial version and I really hope that someone from your team will read this. You turn the trial version today and for example after that for 2 weeks you have so much work and you cannot use it and you cannot test anything that you are interested in and the trial version will expire without you even testing it properly. If you make the hours to count only when you turn on the program then it will be much better and more professional on cubase and on wavelab and for the plugins you it is not needed because they are checked immediately and what is good you buy it immediately but I am talking about the softwares and now I see on pro 9 there are a lot of new things and now I need to test them even despite all the work i have to do and I will hardly even have time to relax and to see everything new. Thank you in advance once again and I think that my suggestion is okay.