For Direct Offline Processing, does it apply offline over-sampling option if that is ticked?

I was wondering, if Cubase offline direct processing treat audio file as ‘offline’ processing, such as, for soothe 2, it has option of oversampling when offline exporting?

So, if offline option is applied the same to ‘direct offline processing’ inside cubase, it would be win-win for me, saving CPU, and also print the best quality oversampling processing :slight_smile:


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Yes, it does. Easy to test: first, it takes much longer to process if you the the offline OS say to 4x or 8x, then there is a difference if you create a (real copy) of the audio data, process the first with no OS and the second with offfline OS, then flip the polarity of one channel, it doesn’t null.


Thank you for confirming!! I was just skeptical a bit :slight_smile: