For fun, idle speculation thread about what is coming on June 15

Just for fun, people! :crazy_face:

You may have seen the announcement that pretty much all of Steinberg’s web services will be down next Tuesday, June 15th 2021. What do you think might follow? (choose up to three options)

  • announcement of a totally new product
  • a new major version of an existing product
  • a summer sale
  • dongle independence day
  • first contact with an alien species
  • all known bugs in Cubase fixed
  • nothing at all

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Conspiracy theorists of the world unite! No politics, please …

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That announcement got me wondering, too. Could it really be time for the release of a new licensing system? Or, maybe nothing at all! :point_right: :brain: :point_left:

I’m guessing a bunch of long delayed maintenance on their web sites

How boring and likely.

Moving to a cheaper service provider? Maybe there’s work to be done to avoid the activation fiasco that happened on the release of Cubase 11 … yawn, yes, probably boring stuff “under the hood”, but hey, it’s the weekend, let’s be upbeat!

How about HALion 7? WaveLab 11? Cubase 11.5? A once-off massive discount on upgrades to celebrate getting back to some form of normality? Live gigs anyone? :sunglasses:

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Interestingly, when I checked there now, people find it equally likely that we will have all known issues in Cubase fixed as making first contact with an alien species …


Hmmm… those do seem equally likely! :rofl:

:scream: beware the ides of June!

Midnight in Berlin and the main website’s still down.
France beat Germany 1-0 … connection? :smiling_imp:

… and the winner is (drumroll) … “nothing at all” (so far)

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June 16th, final votes are in.

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Well, if there were a first contact with an alien species, they probably wiped our memories of it, so… yeah?

You don’t remember?

Hummmm… Probably all for the best I suppose.

Is that a probing question?