For Margaret and The Boy Unknown

Another instrumental piece, part of a project
on my family history.

This features my 1962 Ibanez lap steel and a beautiful
Ibanez PM-100 I found in a vintage gear store in Osaka
last Christmas.

Lovely stuff , beautiful use of space,gives me goose bumps.

Yes, space, as polgara said! This is different in that you’re not trying to be lcr, but rather using spacing effects. I’d say you did a great job of capturing the sounds in a minimal orchestration. I love the PM guitar, and I love where you bring the electric and the lap steel together. Is this one processed through tape as well? Really nice.

Beautiful playing Jet. Fabulous sound from both guitars. And, the backing is tempered exquisitely.


Very nice - lovely guitar tone too.

Thanks for the listens and comments guys.

Happy the guitars are well-received. The jazz box is lovely
to play and inspires me to dig up licks I never used before.

Yes Leon, transferred to the Otari as usual.
Still experimenting with the Tungsten, but loving every
minute of doing so.