For me this is the single biggest improvement to Cubase

Besides the great new controls in the Key editor that allow virtually effortless alteration of MIDI volumes and MIDI automation, the fact that no matter where the project cursor is dropped during playback, previous notes do not stutter and play back as if they were sounded from from scratch, which makes this the best tool for songwriting on the planet.

I have no idea of what other programs do in this regard but I don’t feel any care since I have been a Cubase user for a while now as proven by my posts in the Cubase product forum as well as the Lounge.

Maybe I will upgrade to the full version from my old v5 Studio but as of now Elements is fulfilling my immediate needs and I’m not left so wanting as I have been in previous product cycles but in saying that I have also outlined some of my requests for improvement.

Oh I forgot to mention that, the price is right too and allows for future upgrades that won’t break the bank.