For MIDI only user, is there anything new in Cubase 12?

I do entirely MIDI based projects. So far Cubase 12 has been nothing but a step backwards for me because I’m having to rebuild my “Generic Remote” and have yet to find any MIDI editing functionality to get excited about. Is there anything that makes MIDI editing easier so I can justify the work/cost of this “upgrade”? Thanks!

The scrollbars are better now for navigation! :slight_smile:

The only (slight) improvements to MIDI functions that I’ve noticed are the Input Transformer and Transformer MIDI plug-in.

I use transformers quite a lot, so that’s useful… Along with the PLE improvements, but I’ve not utilised the new PLE yet.

MIDI Remote (And the new focused quick controls) is a big bonus for me too, while it’s early days I’ve found it to be incredibly slick and reliable. I still use one generic remote from C11 for tasks it can’t achieve yet.

It’s always worth reading the release notes and understanding what you’re buying before paying for an upgrade, I’ve certainly not experienced a step backwards with it.

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you can just import your old generic Remote (after exporting it from Cubase 11), and it will still work fine in Cubase 12

Hmm. Exporting was easy. But I’m stumped how to import my “Generic Remote” into Cubase 12.

When I rely on software for my livelihood, I keep it up to date irregardless.

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Import the file you previously saved in C11

The Project Logical Editor, the Logical Editor, the Input Transformer and the Transformer MIDI plug-in have been significantly enhanced.

The new MIDI Remote API offers a new way to integrate external MIDI controllers.

Independent grid settings for nudge operations allow you to decouple the nudge steps from the project grid settings.

Right. WHERE do I import my Cubase 11 Generic Remote.xml? (Must be blind or something… he he)

EXPORT your Generic Remote somewhere where you know where it is on ya HD.

Load up C12

IMPORT that file

Weirdly, if you create a new one in C12 it brings in the old ones as the new entry.

This leaves out an important step. A new Generic Remote needs to be created before you can import the file.


I just ended up manually rebuilding it. :frowning: