For My Father (Only Halion 4 + Halion Symphonic Orchestra)

For My Father

composed this morning with Cubase 6, Halion $ (with Halion Symphonic Orchestra)


Well done. Nice dynamics.

Very moving piece, love it

Very nice. I really like the crescendo at 2:18. I relate your musical story to my own dad

Beautiful piece! Great arrangement.


very well done…you can sense the emotion you put into it. also, a very nice tribute to your father!

A beautiful and moving piece…really enjoyed it…Kevin

Beautiful, cinematic, paints a picture. Good orchestration. Michael.

Superb writing. Quite cinematic. My only nit would be that the upper violins around 2:40 need to be a bit louder. The way it is now, the ensemble is playing forte, while those 1st Violins are playing mezzoforte, which would be hard for a section to pull off.

Thanks to all, my music friends!
I’m very happy to help demonstrate that we do not need to have many tools available to pull out of the hat pleasant things … Cubase and HALion tools are really useful, because they are in symbiosis between them and with us …

Good Sunday to all! :stuck_out_tongue: