For once: praise

I know that we all post here mainly to get help or to complain. But I think it’s time for a bit of praise. I recently worked on a rather complex track, with a wild mix of content. From almost whispery spoken word to full-on DnB, all with not enough track compression from the mix, I had to employ a full roster of plugins + an insane amount of automation. In the end I also had to splice together the sub-pieces the client liked the best. WL12 made it easy (on the tech side, not the mastering in itself…). Having access to automation curves for plugin parameters, sample-perfect splicing, post-processing gain control, and easy switching between speaker setups (both with their own control/environment plugins) made the process bearable.

Cheers, PG

(Now back to the complaining :slight_smile: )


No doubt!
WL is a great tool, superb capabilities and a pleasure to work with.
And @PG1 is the most patient guy ever.
We’re lucky to have him and we take him to the limit.

As we do with WL as well, of course!