For Sale: Cubase Pro 10.5, Groove Agent 5, Symphonic Orchestra, The Grand 3

For Sale: Cubase Pro 10.5, Groove Agent 5, HALion Symphonic Orchestra, The Grand 3, HALion String Edition 2, HALion Player OEM, Guitar Harmonics (Cinematique Instruments), Alto Glockenspiel (Cinematique Instruments)

All licenses on a dongle. Best offer. Will ship dongle and transfer licence using wizard after etransfer, whatever works best. Honest, stand up feller from Canada. Will miss Cubase but jumped ship to Logic to sync with colleagues. Hoping to get enough $ to buy StaffPad for iPad plus the tasty sounding sound libraries.

This is not the right place to sell something.
You can put it on a used gear selling platform and link it here…

Where is this posted about not selling Cubase here in the lounge?

Id like to know for a friend


What you mean? I didn’t mention any post…

You said, “This is not the right place to sell something.”

Why isn’t this the right place ? Where is this posted that this isn’t the right place to sell anything Steinberg related?

It’s a user support forum, not a selling platform… trying to sell something could lead to limited success

Something like eBay or Reverb would be a better place. They made for that…