For Shaghayegh - Soundtrack

Shaghayegh is the Farsi name for poppy flower and it’s the name of my beloved fiancé. It’s the first song that I’ve composed for someone alive in my life.

The thing about traditional middle-eastern romantic relationships is that the mature relationships that lead into marriage are rarely hot and sexy from the early stages, unlike a great hay stack that burns bright and short, they start small, and they blossom throughout months and months of courting and getting to know each other.
I’d like to think that my song -in style, not in level of greatness- is more in line with Paul Mauriat’s “Love story” which is like an ever-burning candle as opposed to a hay stack fire of a song like Celen Dion’s “My heart will go on”. It’s one of my many theories concerning music but I may be out of line. :smiley: :sunglasses:
All feedback are welcome. :wink:

A very nice tune and I think it fits its purpose perfectly. The only thing I would change is the amount of reverb used on both the piano and the strings. To me the reverb is too obvious. I would roll back the reverb quite a bit (maybe using automation, so that some parts, e.g. ends of phrases, could be more reverberant). Or maybe use a ducking reverb so that the reverb ducks when the instrument plays back and gets more intense when the instrument sound fades.

Hello HKO
Very glad you liked it , even more so because of your nice feedback. I rolled back the reverbs and re-uploaded the file, it was too much. I haven’t tried the ducking one but I foresee it to be less obvious - ducking wise- in a more crowded instrumentation and not this song which can be played with two pianos and a solo viola… I can’t say for sure though, have you tried it? do you do the wet/dry automation manually or is there an auto ducking reverb plugin out there that you know of?

Lately I have been using Kleverb by Klevgränd a lot. I think it is a very nice reverb for its price and it also has ducking inbuilt. I’m pretty sure there are other reverbs out there having this feature too or you can build your own by sidechaining a compressor after the reverb.

Thanks for the suggestion hko, that sidechaining reverb is a neat trick, I’ll try the things that you kindly mentioned. Thanks again.

You are welcome. BTW the track sounds better now with less reverb.

I think this concept explained by Chris Lord-Alge is an interesting one too. Even though he works on different kind of music, I think this may be a viable approach for using delay (and sending it to a reverb). I am not saying he has invented this but I think the video shows fairly well how to achieve this using ones own plugins. The main thing seems to be to use rather different sounding delays and reverbs.

Mixing with depth

I have previously tried working with several reverbs but back then I just made of mess out of it. I tried Alge’s approach on a track I mixed for a friend and I think it worked quite well when used just ever so slightly to give some extra sense of space and coloration to glue the different instruments and vocals together.

I watched the video and it was educational… I only use one flavor of reverb but it seems mixing them might be better … I was already implying the first technique for using reverbs after delays -as opposed to before delays- because of all the things he pointed out… but that mixing the reverbs tip sounds nice too.
And by the way there’s no such thing using the reverb and delay together! That’s a misconception because effects in one mixer rack don’t work in parallels… the default is that effects work in series meaning the output of one effect enters the input of the next.
When I was making The falling mosquito I tried this multiple flavor approach but on two VST plugins but since instruments are an absolutely different subject than effects, I used a trick and that was panning one VST to the right and the other to the left and I got both flavors in one song without mushing them up in a single ear channel . Because adding instruments together without my panning trick would be like mixing strawberry ice-cream with cherry ice-cream… you still get something sour and edible but it’s not two flavors it’s one new flavor tgat you have created…
Thanks for the video and the time you put in dear hko

Daaaaamn, this Kleverb is nice, been toying with the knobs for half an hour and I’m already a fan of the ducking feature for sure. this is specially useful in a piece such as mine where the last ticks of each measure of music is silent. Thanks hko ,appreciate this suggestion of yours bro :wink:

Edit: it has the limitation of one instrument per mixer track and has to be fine tuned each time so it’s a hassle , I think I’ll use it while mastering instead of mix and arrange.

Nice & Romantic Tune.

Regarding the Verb thing, i do agree with Hko. Perhaps having 2 or 3 different verb settings or plugin may help too.

Beautiful and touching. Very nice.

Good to hear that you find it useful too. It has a very good set of features.

Nice touch Masoomi! I don’t know if I’m listening to your first rendition or your remixed version concerning the reverb. With what I’m hearing now, the stage is set very nicely and the atmosphere of the piano sounds like it’s coming from another dimension in the distance. I like it. Kind of enchanting. Keep up the good work!

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Hello Suprawill1
It’s the latest version
the first piano or I sould probably say piano-ish sound is from a vst named Galaxy Instruments Noire but the second melody is plain piano. Glad you liked it, Thanks