For some reason, Cubase or something, is sending a CC control message to my Nord Wave filter when moving playback cursor

I was just running some MIDI tests and programmed in some MIDI notes and chords into a MIDI region… I noticed the filter on my Nord Wave synth seemed to be changing frequencies if I moved the play head to a different spot and pressed play. No reason it should be doing this. There is no MIDI CC programmed in Cubase, the MIDI inserts are off, MIDI Monitor is not picking anything up other than the note on/offs.

I’m using a MOTU MIDI Express XT which has a filtering matrix in it where you can filter out types of MIDI messages individually for each 16 channels and each for 8 inputs and 8 outputs. I was filtering everything on Nord Wave channels except CC control messages, and note messages.

When I muted the CC messages, this problem went away - yet i’m sure, no CC messages are being sent.

Now whether this is related or not, every time I start or stop playback, My Nord Wave gets this message on its screen:

SySex Error:
Incorrect CRC

but the keyboard responds fine.

any MIDI gurus out there?

  1. If LOCAL = ON on the Nord then you need to go into Prefs in Cubase and turn MIDI /MIDI THRU=OFF
  2. I turn LOCAL =OFF on my controller synth here Korg Triton and leave MIDI THRU =ON in Cubase , either way works. Cant have it both though either the NORD is LOCAL ON and Cubase thru OFF or NORD LOCAL is OFF and MIDI THRU ON in Cubase
  3. Your Nord may be sending out Active Sensing data
    Filter out Active Sensing on the MOTU
  4. Make sure SYSEX is NOT enabled in Cubase Prefs. MIDI/Chase Events / SYSEX, make sure it is NOT checked.

I aint no guru but hopefully this helps

This doesn’t seem to be helping.

Is it MMC that is being sent? I don’t get why the nord would be receiving this CC from start/stop playback