For Sound Design & Foley

1- There is a feature that I would like to see, and I think it can be combined within the features of the sampler, a feature that is activated for foley or sound effects, where a group of sounds is dropped, for example, the sound of steps (10 tracks) is dropped, and by means of only two keys, the sound is sorted randomly without repetition.

2- There are some ideas present in the ADD application, which is a good environment for building sound effects. I think we should develop tools that serve us as sound designers to speed up and facilitate our work.

I like this idea! +1

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Did you try the randomizer?


So basically try this. Drop a footstep track that has multiple steps into the SAMPLER in Nuendo. Flip it to slice mode, set a good threshold to find the transients and voila, you are playing the steps on different keys. I don’t think much can replace good real Foley because of all the nuance needed, however if the goal is to play some steps quickly this method is cool and better in my opinion then one key.

Yes, I tried it and used it a lot according to the appropriate use, but what I mean is something completely different.

I think if the idea was implemented, it would be very cool.


I use it this way, but it’s limited, I don’t mean something more advanced and a better way for Foley.


yeah the idea is neat. I’ve also looked at ADD, good idea with tagging sync points to help with quickly switching sounds, better suited in my opinion for risers, and transitions not really Foley. I’ve looked at Reformer Pro as well and I’m not that impressed with both of these applications for Foley. I understand that a lot of designers don’t have access to Foley stages often or always etc, and that editing sound effects to resemble Foley (which isn’t Foley) sometimes can work,so some tools that help facilitate that might be helpful. My over all point being its never going to sound that great for me though as there is so much nuance which is always better from recordings regrettably for those that don’t have access.

other ideas that comes to mind for your IDEA #1. Using Kontakt sampler and setting the Steps sounds as “Round robin” might work to randomize it for each key press. Or using FMOD and recording yourself triggering the steps.

dear, timeline

Thank you very much, use it this method but it remains impractical for large projects.

The professional foley is required to be built through audio recording, but through many experiments, I reached a mixture through the sampler, and the results were very impressive. thank you so much.

There are some professional products out there that aim specifically at foley in post by an editor (Edward by tovusound).
Another option is to invest in Soundminer v5 pro (not cheap) it does (almost) everything Kontakt does but better suited to audio post. Round robin randomization and such make it very easy to do footsteps with it. It works in a similar way as described by timeline. A benefit of a Kontakt foley instrument is the layering that is impossible with the Nuendo sampler. Soundminer comes very close but does not do velocity mapping like contact… there are workarounds however (because it has layers.

Never new Soundminer v5 pro did that, interesting, thanks for sharing

I just got “Walker 2” by UVI which is their equivalent to “Edward”. It’s on sale for like another day or two. It’ll do in a pinch I think.

It’s really great and I use it from time to time, but opening this library in the kontakt takes space from the computer’s effort and ram, so the sampler in Nuendo option, if it was developed, would relieve us of the trouble in terms of speed and lightness on the device.

Ah so you are looking for a lightweight alternative… than you have to hope or invest in soundminer or another alternative.

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