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  1. In the video below I am playing live a single note (as opposed to playing back a recording) as you can see the meters are wavering around the -24dBto-18dB area. From this how to I figure out what volume I am playing at? Is there an algorithm I can use, or a Cubase plug-in? However I realise a major caveat in this question is that when I play two notes simultaneously (as I usually do) the volume will increase. So how do I make sure that I am always playing at the same volume?

  2. A thing you may have noticed in this video, which I really don’t understand, is why does the Stereo Out meter recoding the highest dB at just above the -24dB mark whereas the meter on the sound analyzer that I am using (Voxengo’s SPAN - free version) records the highest dB at just above the -6dB mark.

Notes: The track is a combination of 2 VSTs and its output is to the Stereo Out. Stereo Out is set to 0.0dB.

I’m no expert but with that drone you could just add a limiter. I see you have a gig looming.

Most the sounds I use are synth string sounds and Piano sounds.

Meters have different algorythms, namly how fast a meter should drop after the soundpeak has been reached differs from meter to meter, rms vs peaking also to taken into account… So comparing different meters must be done sidi by side with specifications going deep into detail

Wow. I had no idea that different volume meters could provide different dB data on the same signal. I guess that explains question 2 then!

Also, you have the channel gain set off unity, if you have the Voxengo inserted pre fader then you’ll be seeing the level before fader and the master showing the level after.

Hi Split, thanks for your reply. Sorry can you explain what you men by “off unity”?

That had crossed my mind but I don’t know how to change this - the manual wasn’t very helpful for the free version of the software but can’t really blame them for that.

Unity, fader set to 0dB (no gain or gain reduction)

Ok, is this something I should change? I really have no idea about this stuff :frowning:

No, just trying to explain the differing level readings.