For Steinberg to consider

Hi. Pretty good stuff here for Steinberg to implement in the future. (Point Nine is out of question for Nuendo 8.1 users - well done Steinberg!)

On my behalf, I would add a possibility to have symbols for guitar tabs in the Notepad.

Absolutely. This is great, in addition to the two videos that someone made a while ago that outline lots of the problems with Cubase workflow and GUI, and precisely how to make them faster/more consistent/etc. – they would be very smart to study all of these videos, or hire one or both of these guys to consult with.

I certainly would if I were them. I’m a successful composer and producer and I still learn new/better things and ways of doing things almost every week from videos people make – there should be no ego or pride when it comes to making improvements to oneself or one’s software . :slight_smile: