For STEINY: Strange performance SLOWDOWN issues! (fast PC)

Hi, Steinberg and others.

Now I’ve been using Cubase 6 pretty extensively and plain love it. The lanes-system if excellent + are the automation workflow enhancements. And many others too… Yeah.

BUT: When I “use” the projects longer and longer, all editing operations significantly slow down. I mean, first of all, it takes pretty long time to save it (only ~5 seconds but I hate it!). But that’s not THE annoying feature.

It’s that when I select, say, 3 events and adjust their volume by clicking and dragging the event volume handles at the events’ upper edge up ow down, it takes some 8 to 10 second before anything happens!

If the editing is done during playback, it crackles the output sound, like C6 were playing solo some tracks one after and other, pretty fast changing them. And the playback might stop for a second and all that.

It’s like I were using an old sucky PC, but I’m not - believe me. Actually I DID experiense something like this also in C5 but not at this extent.

When you adjust the volume, the cursor naturally changes to up/down arrows, but it stays like that all the time that C6 is “processing” (when the mouse button is released) that tiny little event volume change! And all that time (8-10 seconds) you can’t do nothing; not to stop playback, not to right-click or anything. It just seems stuck changing those volumes.

AND it behaves the same when playback is NOT running. That way I try to edit all the time.

This “feature” has really become a big drag for me. It slows you down considerably + it also makes erratic changes to the event volume that way. NEVER this happens when I create a new project and it becomes big - this only emerges during time - even if I only do basic aditing and not importing any new files.

I HAVE tried out the following:

  • Rebooting my PC
  • Removing unused files and emptying thrash
  • Dancing around my PC seven whole circles counter-clockwise direction and shouting “Yippee” all the time

But NOTHING helps!

Any similar experiences?

What’s your OS?

Something to consider if your problem continues: do you have any additional mouse software installed? Both Microsoft and Logitech (for example) bundle all sorts of fancy and unnecessary software that has caused problems for me and others with C5. Removing all mouse software and letting Windows load its own vanilla drivers solved my problems.


My OS is Windows 7 64-bit and running Cubase 6 32-bit. 16GB of RAM and Intel i7 processors running @ 3,66GHz + 2TB RAID 0 set (4*500GB Black Series Western Digital hard drives)…

So the iron nor OS shouldn’t be the problem here. I mean it wasn’t earlier.

Oh, thanks! I gotta check that. Might sound stupid but can’t remember if I installed any Mouseware :laughing: But yeah, that might be a good chance that it’s got something to do with it… Meaning, the downmix hasn’t slowed down, only some operations with the mouse. Gonna check it out now, thanks again.

One little detail: the event volume changing is currently manifested with ONLY ONE PROJECT. And acts more rapidly on some events while others are really slooooooow. Altogether this kind of editing is slow throughout that particular project.

Any exotic VST perhaps in that one project?

Luck, Arjan

Do you have the latest graphic drivers installed?

No, not at all. They are exactly the same ones that I use with all the other projects too. Nothing extraordinary. Well, I’ll check it again but I’m sure it should be “clean” of any weird plugs… Thanks!

Hi mindastray,
can You open the Asio/HD meter and take a look what happens, when You try to change the volume ?

I often see the HD spiking in V6, when moving the volume handle.
Can’t remember seeing this in V5 ( have to check ).
It was always responsive, though.

In pre6 versions the harddisk gets involved, in waveform drawing,
when reaching a certain zoom level.
Maybe there’s something gone wrong …

bye, Jan

I am not sure if this can help in any way, but you can try this tweak (disable core parking in windows 7):

Try running the Windows Task Manager and Resource Monitor to check for memory leaks etc. Although you have 16GB of RAM C6 32bit can only access 4GB of it.

Might be worth trying C6 64 bit to see if the same thing happens.