For synth parts we need same kind tool what dynamics hairpin tool but controller values

For synth parts (at least) we need same kind tool what dynamics hairpin tool but controller values. and of course way we can write start of track for example LPF and this lane can have things like 1.5khz>500hz<2khz.
and customizaition how these things in middle look. allready tried way use wedges and text (idea what i get Facebook group) but things positioning needs lot of time even more thinking how i postion instruction what this exact parameter is for example is LPF needs be before notes. even nice postion y axis beetween text and wedge is hard archive even more when i have multiple parameters sametime. my idea is exactly similar hairpin tool but controller values and hairpins are replaced suitable stuff wedges look good.

Having battled my way through your linguistics (yet again)… I agree with this request.

Specifically, I would like to be able to associate a CC to a line/hairpin and specify a start/end values.

And/Or… could we at least be allowed to rename CC channels?

CC naming not solve my thing becouse is still related notation what i want write to humans.

I’m sorry. I cannot understand this sentence.

I mean my problems is not solved if you can rename CC becouse i want write notation to humans.

In case it’s helpful for anyone just reading here on the forum: Juha-Pekka also posed this question in the Facebook group, here.

I understand it to be in reference to hairpin-like notations included in this video (John took some screenshots and posted them in the Facebook thread)

@MXHeppa it really helps people to understand what you’re talking about when you include pictures, videos, or files in your posts. Because English is not your first language, I appreciate that describing these things can be hard, so do try to include pictures alongside your questions – it will make it easier for you to explain yourself, and it will be much easier for everyone else to understand you. Win-win!

Similarly, you can of course ask the same question both here in the forum and in the Facebook group. However, it makes everyone’s lives easier if you include links to the other in each post (for example, if you first ask something in the Facebook group, add a link to that Facebook post when you post in the forum). That way people can immediately see what advice you have already received, and also see other pictures etc.

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I try remember this linking. and i try think how i can do such picture here. i maybe try “draw” something what style symbols i want archive.

i want easy and confortable (when there is lot of such and centering elements is not nice) way do this kind things: (even this speffic tool is not easy and text is not centered). sameway what we use dynamic markings now.

and start of stave i have texts what describe what values mean.(these are only numbers this example) and my dream this kind arrow (triangle) can be also curved one (i dont have skills do such my graphics programs yet) what i think can indicated speedup/slowdown (compared linear change and of course human level and used synth level) these postions what are marked.
also direct jumps for controllers what i can of course do text elements but then their positioing text what tells what this parameter means is also needs work.

then i mean exactly hairpin tool (with this kind “bars”/hairpin symbols or both or even others if someone know something else even basic arrow (what size is depends endpoints) such way is can be fine) where you can type values like hairpint tool. i bet film music composers like lot of my ideas.